Make A Difference Today!  We are nearing the end of a successful year of providing hands-on science for over 15,000 students from high-need schools and communities! This year we also met several challenges, including working through the impact of a fire at our Excelsior site in December 2016. This holiday season our goal is to raise $50,000 to continue to inspire lifelong curiosity and wonder in students and families. And now, read on for an account of an MSW parent and board member, sharing his family's experience with the Workshop and holiday message:

Dear friends,

Ten years ago an extraordinary experience opened when my daughter Zai became a student of Mission Science Workshop in the first grade. We both fell in love with the science, art, tinkering, animals, creative forces, people and all the wonders we found in this unique space.

Science for Zai became a palpable and fun activity rather that a remote and dull, adult subject.

I was welcomed as a board member 2 years ago and am delighted to volunteer as MSW’s graphic designer (their logo! this card!), and assist in fundraising. I also manage the care of the rescued animals, who live in the shop provide kids with unforgettable times of learning.

Imagine my family’s distress when we learned about the fire at MSW’s Excelsior site last December. Luckily, the Workshop received strong support from the community, and with this help was able to continue their programs - only cancelling 8 classes in the midst of the chaos. Since then the staff has worked hard to provide consistency for the students in their programs - moving to a temporary space, traveling to schools for classes, and taking on enumerable insurance tasks. But after 10 months of the time spent on this unexpected yet necessary work, MSW is still in great financial need.

The Workshop is still displaced from its permanent site in the Excelsior. They need the support of the community to keep its doors open for the students and their families for whom it is so essential.

At MSW, everything my daughter and I saw or touched became an opportunity for observation and appreciation. Most importantly, it gave us a place where we could explore the wonders and complexities of life through science together.

I hope you will join me in supporting this vital organization as a part of your holiday giving.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Raffaele Trudu

Mission Science Workshop is a fiscally sponsored by Community Initiatives, a 501(c)3 non-profit. 
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